I have 3 UI applications in angular 7 and today all authenticate separately, I want to change this. Today, authentication is done using the grant flow password. I want to implement a single sign on for these 3 applications.

I started a study that can be analyzed in reposit https://github.com/LeandroFChaves/spring-security-oauth2 where I created a client, a resource and an authentication server. The idea is to create one more client, one resource server and both to authenticate in the oauth server with SSO, starting with the principle that if it was first logged in one while accessing the other client it will not have to log in again.

I thought of using the Zuul proxy to do this somehow, but I confess I'm lost.

My client already has a configured proxy that will point to some server that I imagined would be responsible for the single sing on with zuul, but I caught on that part.

One important note is that my client is 100% javascript with angular, in most cases the situation is different.

Am I on the right track? I guess my authentication has to change to the pass authorization code flow, but I'm confused on how SSO will work.

What I thought is that the zuul gateway would play this role, but I do not know how to go about it.

Thank you.

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