I have a script that I use in my SharePoint that sets the field to be green or white, depending on a calculated value. It works with no issues (I only included a snippet of the code, I can include the entire function if that requested).

I calculate the statusValue in the code, then, if it is < or > than a threshold value, the background of the field changes accordingly.

(function () {

    var statusFieldCtx = {};
    statusFieldCtx.Templates = {};
    statusFieldCtx.Templates.Fields = {
        "biui": {"View": StatusFieldViewTemplate}


function StatusFieldViewTemplate(ctx) {

    EQ = VALUE // Removed code for simplification
    statusValue = MATH // Removed code for simplification

    if (statusValue < EQ) {

        return "<div style='background-color:green;color:white'>" + statusValue.toFixed(5) + "</div>";


    else {

        return "<div style='background-color:white;color:black'>" + statusValue.toFixed(5) + "</div>";



I would like to perform more calculations after this; however, the return essentially ends the script.

Is there another way to set the background similar to the above code, without using the return functionality?


Turns out the answer was very simple, and I was a being a bit ignorant.

I just created a main function, that called two other functions.

Initially I tried returning both results with one return; however, they both linked to the one field; hence, I needed to call two separate functions.

I needed to functions in order to allow for mutliple returns to different fields, i.e:

(statusFieldCtx.Templates.Fields = {"biui": {"View": StatusFieldViewTemplate}};.


(statusFieldCtx.Templates.Fields = {"bzwi": {"View": StatusFieldViewTemplate}};

(function () {



function funcOnc(){

. . . Code linked to first field


function funcTwo(){

. . . Code linked to second field


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