I'm trying to learning Serenity BDD framework but i encounter some issues which need guidance from expect.I have downloaded serenity-cucumber4-starter-master from github.


  1. AFAIK, there is Tasks, Screen and Actions classes creation but I did not found it in the project according to this theory.
  2. How is the implementation of this example different from screenplay design patterns?

My Code so far:

public class LoginTask implements Task {

    private HomepageScreen hp;

    @Step("Landing on Guru Bank Website")
    public <T extends Actor> void performAs(T obj) {


public class CucumberTestSuite {

    @Managed(driver = "chrome") 
    private WebDriver browser;

    private Actor john = Actor.named("john");

    // =================================================================================
    public void setup() {

    public void login() throws InterruptedException {
        System.out.println("Automate web browser");



givenThat() method is undefined. Where to get the import location?

Please help. Thanks.


The givenThat() method (and other similar methods) are defined in net.serenitybdd.screenplay.GivenWhenThen.

import static net.serenitybdd.screenplay.GivenWhenThen.seeThat;
  • Do you have a simple example (Just a login tasks) on how to implement Serenity screenplay patterns? – nicholas Apr 12 at 11:28

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