I'm wondering what's the best way to use a server as back-end with Polymer 3.0 PWA as frond-end?

I've tried using Flask, my problem is that Polymer's node-modules aren't loaded/accessed this way. The server is supposed to work as an interface between the Polymer and Python-Scripts.

  • Could you clarify on what you are trying to do? node modules are not supposed to be downloaded. If you want to send results from your Python scripts to your PWA, you will need to make HTTP requests from the PWA to the server and have the server run the scripts and send the result back to the client PWA. – TmKVU Apr 11 at 11:27
  • I would like to run the server locally on my computer. By starting-up the server I would like to open the polymer-based application with a GUI from which I can give an input with which the Python-scripts in the background work. – Xyrimi Apr 11 at 12:05
  • My problem is that while I can display a simple index.html with flask, the polymer-application doesn't display, giving me the message it can't find the node-modules. – Xyrimi Apr 11 at 12:11

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