How can I realize that when I have a function


that the program exetutes the function test() after the slideToggle completed?

If I write like this:


...test() gets executed before slideToggle completed.

How can I realize? I don't know jQuery very well ...

Thank you for your help! Regards, Florian

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You can add a callback function to your jQuery function.

$('.anyclass').slideToggle(1000,function() { test(); });

That function will ONLY fire once the slide is complete.

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I think slideToggle should accept the second argument callback, like this:

$('.anyclass').slideToggle(1000, function() {/* do anything after animation is complete */});

Actually for your particular case it is as easy as:

$('.anyclass').slideToggle(1000, test); 

If you only need this to fire once, Checkout the jquery API for when done

$.when(('.anyclass').slideToggle(1000)).done(function() { test(); });

What you need is to use the callback function


.slideToggle( [ duration ], [ callback ] )

   ('.anyclass').slideToggle(1000, function() { test(); });

The best way should be this

$('#result').append($("<div class='message'>Result Sucess</div>")).slideToggle(5000,function(){$(this).remove()});

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