In Junit 4.11, how can I select individual test cases from a test case class to add into a test suite? This allows me to select some but not necessarily all of the test cases defined in a test case class, to create and run.

For comparison, in JUnit 3.8, https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/java-extreme-programming/0596003870/ch04s08.html describes a way to add individual test cases into a test suite:

public class TestGame extends TestCase {
    public static Test suite(  ) {
               return new TestSuite(TestGame.class);

public static Test suite(  ) {
    TestSuite suite = new TestSuite(  );
    // To use this idiom, you must define the String constructor in your 
    // TestGame class. Remember that JUnit 3.8 made that constructor optional.
    suite.addTest(new TestGame("testCreateFighter"));
    suite.addTest(new TestGame("testSameFighters"));
    return suite;

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