I have multiple remote references, and there's no "git remote prune --all" so I attempted "git remote show | xargs -n 1 git remote prune" but it doesn't work. I'm running msysgit 1.7.4. I know it works in Linux (well "git remote show | xargs git remote prune" does) but I just get no output in msysgit, and I know it's not working as I can still prune after running that.

"git remote show | xargs -n 1 echo git remote prune" shows me it's compiling the "git remote prune public1" commands correctly.

Any ideas?

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    Stupid question: does git remote prune public1 without xargs work? – Mikel Apr 6 '11 at 8:16

OK - with some further research from here, this works: git remote show | xargs -n 1 --max-lines=1 git remote prune

happy pruning!


I always do git remote update -p

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