I would like to change my deployment key but it's not working. Following docs, this is what has to be done:

repositoryService.setDeploymentKey(deploymentId, key);

but the key doesn't change for my deployment. Also, neither the method for changing the category (that is analogous) is working. Any idea why?


After deploying an xml file, I simply perform a GET request to get all deployments, then I try to change one of them. I copy the deploymentId and then call setDeploymentKey with the deploymentId and the new key I want to set. Then I check if it's changed by doing a new GET request to get all deployments and the deployment still has the old key. No trace of the new one.

  • There are tests that are testing exactly this method. The test is DeploymentCategoryTest. Can you perhaps provide a reproducal test or code that would show when this is not working? – Filip Apr 14 at 7:19
  • @Filip modified question. I can't provide a reproducible example – Dseaster Apr 15 at 7:21
  • the test I linked in my previous comment does exactly what you described in the modified question. Unfortunately without a reproducible example I can't be of more help. We don't need your actual process or code, we only need an example that demonstrates the problem – Filip Apr 15 at 22:13

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