I have the following code:

export class A {
    parent?: string;

    constructor(attrs: object = {}) {
        Object.assign(this, attrs);

export class B extends A {
    public child?: string;

console.log(new B({parent: "1", child: "2"}));
// Results in:
// Object {parent: "1", child: undefined}

The Object.assign in the parent class doesn't set any of the attributes in the child class. I don't want to have to specify a constructor for every child class that calls super and another Object.assign.

Is there some way to assign all properties on a child class using a single method in the parent class, without having to specify each property explicity?

  • I am unable to reproduce your issue. Ctrl+Enter and check the console, it looks fine: typescript-play.js.org/?target=2#code/… – Titian Cernicova-Dragomir Apr 11 at 19:02
  • I can't seem to produce your problem: jsfiddle.net/9h27nqLo. Note that your method is not bullet-proof though: you can still create a new child member in the A class despite it not being declared. – Terry Apr 11 at 19:03
  • Hmm, I'll flip some compiler flags to see if I see any changes. – randyr Apr 11 at 19:10
  • Maybe you are explicitly initializing the field with undefined ? Inituslizers run after the base class constructor – Titian Cernicova-Dragomir Apr 11 at 19:17
  • I just did create-react-app again, added typescript with npm install typescript, added the same tsconfig.json, added the two classes to a test.ts and the console.log to the index.js, and I get the same issue again. My guess for now is either: 1) the create-react-app config has something I don't know about, 2) my tsconfig has some weird setting. – randyr Apr 11 at 19:25

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