I want to create an XML string in Flex 3 in a similar way to you might approach it in Java. I only want a small piece of XML in the format

<slide thumb="http://www.thumbs.com/thumb.jpg" type="static" blah="bleh" />

The only type of code I can find for doing this seems ridiculous....

private function createXML(): void
var xm:XML = <Relyon></Relyon>;
var nodeName:String = “EMPLOYEENAME”;
var nodeValue:String = “KUMAR”;
var xmlList:XMLList = XMLList(”<”+nodeName+”>”+nodeValue+”</”+nodeName+”>”);

I would like to do something like...

var x:XMLNode = new XMLNode("slide");
x.setAttribute("thumb", thumbURL);
x.setAttribute("type", "static");

This is surely possible?


Stay away from XMLNode if you're using as3, it's a legacy class, the new XML and XMLList classes are the ones that support the excellent E4X. Using those it's as easy as this:

var myXML:XML = <slide />;
trace("myXML", myXML.toXMLString());

The @ means it's an attribute, not using that would add child nodes instead.

  • I can't edit your answer, but I think you mean "attribute", not "property". – erikprice Feb 17 '09 at 12:37
  • I would even remove the new XML entirely and just say: var myXML:XML = <slide />; – darronschall Feb 18 '09 at 1:44

This would probably be easier:

var thumb:String = "http://www.thumbs.com/thumb.jpg";

var type:String = "static";

var blah:String = "bleh";

var xml:XML =        

             <slide thumb={thumb} type={type} blah={blah} />

trace( xml.toXMLString() );

//traces out

     <slide thumb="http://www.thumbs.com/thumb.jpg" type="static" blah="bleh"/>

Also, if you are using a variable as the attribute name you can use

var _attName:String = "foo";
myXML.@[_attName] = "bar";

but you would need to read it back out as


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