In the Database context, when accessing properties before calling SaveChanges, how do I get the Displayname rather than simply the name (the below code)?

string changes = "";
foreach (var item in ctx.Entry(entity).Properties)
    if (item.IsModified)
        changes += "["+item.Metadata.Name+"]";
  • display name of the property? you mean name mentioned in Display attribute? like [Display(Name="some name")] ? – Aarif Apr 12 at 9:50
  • maybe this can help stackoverflow.com/a/5015878/6027876 – Aarif Apr 12 at 10:03
  • Thanks, that got me a little further. When I do this: var attribute = item.Metadata.PropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DisplayNameAttribute), true); the debugger tells me I have {System.ComponentModel.DisplayNameAttribute[0]} and attribute.GetType() gives me (shortened): {System.ComponentModel.DisplayNameAttribute[]} AssemblyQualifiedName: "System.ComponentModel.DisplayNameAttribute[], Name: "DisplayNameAttribute[]" {System.ComponentModel.DisplayNameAttribute[]} But attribute.Cast<DisplayNameAttribute>().SingleOrDefault(); gives null – Peter Apr 15 at 6:31
  • try this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/32808219/6027876 – Aarif Apr 15 at 7:03
  • Thanks, that got me close enough; in my case, this works: var fieldName = item.Metadata.Name; MemberInfo property = typeof(ApplicationForm).GetProperty(item.Metadata.Name); var ca = property.GetCustomAttribute(typeof(DisplayAttribute)) as DisplayAttribute; if (ca != null) { fieldName = ca.Name; } – Peter Apr 15 at 11:26

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