I'm trying to build a game-app where:

  • the user will be able to login.

  • the user (if loged in) will be able to save his progress in the game.

-The stuff that should be saved is:

  • an avatar that the user has built
  • what questions the user has answered
  • how much coins the user has earned and has left.

I have read a few things about primararly SQL and Firebase. Is there a clear distinction between the two or any "rules" on how to chose database?

Thank you

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Well, It totally depends where you want to store "Users Data".

  • If you want to store it on the mobile itself, then You should use persistent database which is SQLite.
  • If you do not want to store it on the mobile, but want to store it on a server then you should go for firebase(where your mobile game will require internet).

Generally, the way you have described your game, people go for SQLite.

Feel free to ask more questions if required.

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    Thank you very much :) My goal is to keep it as an off-line game and I don't think it should be a problem to store it on the device. So I reckon SQLite will be the way to go then. – J.W Apr 12 at 14:19

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