I wonder if it is possible to select by a condition in a preloaded object. For example, I have tables User and Profile (one to one). So I need to get all Users with Profiles where sex is female.

I thought it can be done by something like this:

Preload("UserProfile").Where("user_profile.sex = ?", "female")

But it returns something like:

pq: missing FROM-clause entry for table \"user_profile\"

  • I belive the table is actually called user_profiles – Зелёный Apr 12 '19 at 17:06
  • I found, I have to use Joints: Joins("left join trade_items on trade_items.id = trade_requests.trade_item_id") and then Where("trade_items.request_type = ?", "SELL") – Artem Skliarov Apr 12 '19 at 17:12

Preloading doesn't join the tables specified. You need to explicitly join the table in question:

Preload("UserProfile").Joins("LEFT JOIN user_profile ON user.id = user_profile.user_id")
    .Where("user_profile.sex = ?", "female")

...Assuming your primary key is called id, and foreign key is called user_id.


I also faced the same issue in a recent project. I found the below solution to work for me.

var users []User
Preload("UserProfile","sex = ?","female").Find(&users)

and then check for


The issue in this approach is it will load all users.

But in your case, it can be another way around.

var profiles []Profile
Preload("User").where("sex = ?","female").Find(&profiles)

I hope this will solve your problem.

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