i have the following string:

$betrag = 4,9

an want to convert this to a currency:

4,90 €

is there a better way as:

{$betrag|replace:",":"."|string_format:"%.2f"|replace:".":","} €
  • I think you note the better way. Or create a method for this if you need it in a lot of places.
    – Fizik26
    Commented Apr 15, 2019 at 14:18

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Good solution is to use smarty modifiers:

function smarty_modifier_num2front($string, $precision = 2)
   // here you can use your own filter by call some class (or direct php code)
   return \lib\Numeric::front($string, $precision);

Following function should be located in your smarty plugin directory and in this case named 'modifier.num2front.php'

In template you use this like that:


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