Currently I'm developing a word puzzle game and I'm having trouble of doing an endless mode of it. So what I am trying to do right now is I have a textfile(dictionary) that consists of thousands of words in it and I want to display each data one by one

for example : I have a button everytime I click it the first word will show up and if I click it again the 2nd word will show up something like

What I've tried so far is to display the first word on the textfile by doing something like this

TextAsset myTextAsset = Resources.Load("dictionary") as TextAsset;
string myString = myTextAsset.text;


Could someone please help me figure out how to do it?

  • So what happens when you run your code? – MickyD Apr 13 at 5:13
  • @MickyD It can display the first word only on my text file – BoonMingProg Apr 13 at 5:14
  • To show words, first you should seperate the whole text into words. – shingo Apr 13 at 5:30

I've got it .

public static List<string> textArray;

public Text textComp;

public int[] rowsToReadFrom;

public string FileName;

private TextAsset myTextAsset;
private void Start()
    myTextAsset = Resources.Load("dictionary") as TextAsset;
    string myString = myTextAsset.text;

public void readTextFile()
    textArray = myTextAsset.text.Split('\n').ToList();
    for(int i = 0; i < rowsToReadFrom.Length; i++)
        if(rowsToReadFrom[0] < 0 || rowsToReadFrom.Length == 0)
            textComp.text = myTextAsset.text;
            textComp.text += textArray[rowsToReadFrom[i]] + "\n";


now my only problem is that increment every click but i guess i can handle it.

  • you should maybe clear your textfield once at the beginning of readTextFile in order to start with an empty text: textComp.text = ""; – derHugo Apr 13 at 11:50
  • @derHugo yup did that already :) Thanks – BoonMingProg Apr 13 at 13:11

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