I found an interesting article on how to impement QObject with dynamic properties (see C++ class DynamicObject). The code from the article works fine, the properties of DynamicObject are get and set successfully from both C++ and QML, but the only thing I cannot figure out is how to fire dynamic signals.

I tried to fire "nameChanged()" signal with the following code:

bool DynamicObject::emitDynamicSignal(char *signal, void **arguments)
    QByteArray theSignal = QMetaObject::normalizedSignature(signal);
    int signalId = metaObject()->indexOfSignal(theSignal);

    if (signalId >= 0)
        QMetaObject::activate(this, metaObject(), signalId, arguments);
        return true;

    return false;

myDynamicObject->emitDynamicSignal("nameChanged()", nullptr);

the index of the signal is found and signalId is assigned to 5, but the signal is not fired. But if I do, for example,

myDynamicObject->setProperty("name", "Botanik");

the property is changed and the signal is fired successfully.

What is wrong in my code? What should I pass as 'arguments' parameter of QMetaObject::activate ?


The full source code is temporarily available here.


A signal is also a method. You can invoke it from the meta object.

So, replace your line QMetaObject::activate(...) by:


And let Qt handles the call to activate().

There is also an issue in DynamicObject::qt_metacall(): you are handling only QMetaObject::ReadProperty and QMetaObject::WriteProperty calls.

You have to add QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod if you want to emit your signal.


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