Is there any way to read a local file line by line without blocking any thread (background thread pool counts as blocking) using built-in CompletableFuture or a reactive stream library like RxJava or Reactor?

(It's interesting that there are many non-blocking IO libraries for HTTP and different databases like Mongo, Redis, etc., but I wasn't able to find anything for a simple file read.)

  • You can't. There is no non-blocking I/O on files in Java. There is however asynchronous I/O, via AsynchronousFileChannel, but it doesn't support reading lines. Why do you think you need this? – user207421 Apr 13 at 20:48

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The main reason why Java has no universal non-blocking file IO is the following: Java is a cross-platform language, but Unix does not have non-blocking access to files.

If you program for Windows, there is a platform-specific implementation WindowsAsynchronousFileChannelImpl, that uses a non-blocking mechanism.


You can use following code written in Java-8 and Flowable (Rx-Java-2).
Description for bellow code:
1) reader.lines() will return you stream (So you will get row one by one, not all row at a time).
2) Using Flowable for Processing it on multiple threads.
3) You can write you code inside doOnNext(). For now I just printed out the data in side doOnNext.

BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("p.txt"));
Flowable.fromIterable(() -> reader.lines().iterator())
    .flatMap(line -> Flowable.just(line)
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    I'm looking for a solution where no thread is blocked. In your example buffered reader call is blocking and you just delegate the blocking operation to a background thread of the IO thread pool. – Yossarian Apr 13 at 17:08

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