I have a tool that is automatically generating a device tree for an embedded system with custom peripherals. I need to reference a node in this auto-generated file and add properties to the node without actually changing the auto-generated file since it will be overwritten each time I build the kernel/device-tree/boatloaders, etc. I am not exactly sure how to do this. In the auto-generated file called pl.dtsi the device tree node looks like this

vid_phy_controller_0: vid_phy_controller@80060000 {
        clock-names = "mgtrefclk0_pad_p_in", "mgtrefclk0_pad_n_in", "mgtrefclk1_pad_p_in", "mgtrefclk1_pad_n_in", "gtnorthrefclk1_in", "gtnorthrefclk1_odiv2_in", "vid_phy_tx_axi4s_aclk", "vid_phy_rx_axi4s_aclk", "vid_phy_sb_aclk", "vid_phy_axi4lite_aclk", "drpclk";
        clocks = <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_2>, <&misc_clk_0>, <&misc_clk_0>, <&clk 71>, <&clk 71>, <&clk 71>;
        compatible = "xlnx,vid-phy-controller-2.2", "xlnx,vid-phy-controller-2.1";
        interrupt-names = "irq";
        interrupt-parent = <&gic>;
        interrupts = <0 89 4>;
        reg = <0x0 0x80060000 0x0 0x10000>;
        xlnx,hdmi-fast-switch = <1>;
        xlnx,input-pixels-per-clock = <2>;
        xlnx,nidru = <1>;
        xlnx,nidru-refclk-sel = <3>;
        xlnx,rx-no-of-channels = <3>;
        xlnx,rx-pll-selection = <0>;
        xlnx,rx-protocol = <1>;
        xlnx,rx-refclk-sel = <1>;
        xlnx,transceiver-type = <5>;
        xlnx,transceiver-width = <2>;
        xlnx,tx-buffer-bypass = <1>;
        xlnx,tx-no-of-channels = <3>;
        xlnx,tx-pll-selection = <6>;
        xlnx,tx-protocol = <1>;
        xlnx,tx-refclk-sel = <0>;
        vphy_lane0: vphy_lane@0 {
            #phy-cells = <4>;
        vphy_lane1: vphy_lane@1 {
            #phy-cells = <4>;
        vphy_lane2: vphy_lane@2 {
            #phy-cells = <4>;
        vphy_lane3: vphy_lane@3 {
            #phy-cells = <4>;

I need to add a "clock-name" and corresponding clock for which I already have the phandle, based on the fact that the clock is the same clock this is referenced under other clock-names listed. I just need to know how to touch this node from another device tree file.

Clearly I will need to include a reference to the pl.dtsi file

/include/ "pl.dtsi"

But after that how do I reference the vid_phy_controller_0 phandle and what is the syntax for adding strings/clock references to its properties


You can define your own device tree file which includes the pl.dtsi file. In your device tree file, you can then add the required properties as below.

&vid_phy_controller_0 {
        clocks = <..>;
        clock-names = <..>;

Note that to compile your own device tree file, you will have to add it to the Makefile accordingly.

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