I have two class AddContractController and AddContractLogic. I get value from controles in function setValueControls and everything is okey. I print values and i gets values. However in the same class i'd use these values in the new function. How to I can receive access to variables from setValueControls function. I tried several way but i receive exception NullPinterException because these variables are initiated only during after click button.

package com.controller;

import com.logic.AddContractLogic;
import javafx.fxml.FXML;
import javafx.fxml.Initializable;
import javafx.scene.control.*;

import java.net.URL;
import java.util.ResourceBundle;

public class AddContractController implements Initializable {

    private DatePicker contractDatePicker;

    private RadioButton contractRadioButton;

    private RadioButton agreementRadioButton;

    private Spinner<Double> provisionSpinner;

    private TextField nameContractField;

    private Label statusLabel;

    private ToggleGroup toggleGroup1;

    SpinnerValueFactory.DoubleSpinnerValueFactory spinner = new SpinnerValueFactory.DoubleSpinnerValueFactory(1,400,12.5);

    public DatePicker getContractDatePicker() {
        return contractDatePicker;

    public RadioButton getContractRadioButton() {
        return contractRadioButton;

    public RadioButton getAgreementRadioButton() {
        return agreementRadioButton;

    public Spinner<Double> getProvisionSpinner() {
        return provisionSpinner;

    public TextField getNameContractField() {
        return nameContractField;

    public Label getStatusLabel() {
        return statusLabel;

    public ToggleGroup getToggleGroup1() {
        return toggleGroup1;

    public void initialize(URL url, ResourceBundle resourceBundle) {

        toggleGroup1 = new ToggleGroup();

    public void actionAfterClick(){
        AddContractLogic logic = new AddContractLogic();
package com.logic;

import com.controller.AddContractController;

import java.time.LocalDate;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class AddContractLogic {

    public  void setValueControls(AddContractController add){

        LocalDate date = add.getContractDatePicker().getValue();

        double provisionValue = add.getProvisionSpinner().getValue();

        String textContract = add.getNameContractField().getText();

        boolean isAgreement = add.getAgreementRadioButton().isSelected();

        boolean isContract = add.getContractRadioButton().isSelected();


  • "How to I can receive access to variables from setValueControls function" you mean you want to get textContract for example ? Make it a class variable private String textContract; and add a getter String getTextContract(){ return textContract; } for more help post minimal reproducible example and the full exception stack trace.
    – c0der
    Apr 14, 2019 at 15:21
  • You may also want to look into passing an object around instead of the controller. For example public class Contract {} which has it's fields (or properties if all out fx) bound to the control values. Then your logic controller accepts the contract object instead of the controller. Downstream saving and validation will be better as well. Apr 17, 2019 at 1:47


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