I'm setting up a Intranet environment to run a PWA for business purposes in future. But I encountered a problem regarding SSL certificates.

In my plan:

  • Everything is on a local network (maybe with no internet access), with a dedicated server in it (i'm using ubuntu server),
  • the user access the main page with a computer or phone, in which he install a PWA on his device.

PWA needs HTTPS to work, and I can self-sign certificates (i'm doing it for testing), but it's not a solution for implementating the app because it generate a security error on every browser on the planet with this method.

Importing certificates to browser is not a solution for me because it's a hassle to import the certificate on every user browser (it isn't user friendly), also it's impossible in android without root.

I'm wanting to create a PWA that needs the minimum advanced user help to work, so importing certificates and doing work-arounds is a no no.

Its possible to run a PWA without this certificate problem or I should drop it and begin a standard web app for now ?

  • Let's Encrypt exists. Use it. Stop self-signing certificates and expecting people to just click-through ignore the important security warnings, that builds super bad habits. Expecting people to install some sketchy self-signed certificate is likewise really not a solution. Let's Encrypt does require a connection, but you can generate the cert in one location and deploy it on another protected behind a firewall if the DNS names match. – tadman Apr 14 at 2:41
  • This doesn't work because the server doens't have a public domain name, i'm running it on a server on the same network. I'm currently accessing it via IP only. – Vinícius pereira Apr 14 at 20:39
  • You can set up local DNS to make it work. Accessing by IP is a problem here, you need a name. – tadman Apr 15 at 4:44

HTTPS is a core requirement for running a PWA.
Certificates are no longer that expensive.
Just figure that into your yearly hosting costs.
Until you get your HTTPS running with a cert, perhaps you could use something like https://glitch.com/ for free testing

  • I'm hosting the app myself on a server that is on the same network as me, so I don't a public domain name, i'm currently accessing it via IP only. – Vinícius pereira Apr 14 at 20:41
  • OK. You could still use Glitch for free to test your PWA code on HTTPS if needed. – Mathias Apr 14 at 21:46

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