I would like to know whether an addition of a product to a cart occurred on woocommerce. On the documentation it says that an application should consume a webhook that notifies about a woocommerce_add_to_cart action.

So I implemented it and gladly got a message saying it happened a short while after such an event occurred.

Here's an example JSON I got from woocommerce:


However since many visitors of a woocommerce website may have their own cart, and many products, I would like to know if there's a way to decode the arg field so that it will provide a unique product that was added to a specific cart.

In case I am using the wrong method in order to learn about an addition to a cart, I would be happy to learn which one may be better for me.

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The 'arg' value is the cart item key that is passed through woocommerce_add_to_cart action hook as an argument, and that is returned on WC_Cart add_to_cart() method on line 1120:

do_action( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart', $cart_item_key, $product_id, $quantity, $variation_id, $variation, $cart_item_data );

return $cart_item_key; // <========= HERE

That cart item key allows you for example to get the cart item using WC_Cart get_cart_item() method and retrieve the cart item data:

$cart_item = WC()->cart->get_cart_item( $cart_item_key );
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    Thanks for your thorough reply LoicTheAztec :-) Now, I get the arg field within a java program that accepts webhooks notifications, so extracting a cart item or the whole cart info is not something that I know how to reach within my program. Do you know of a way to reach this info from a REST client?
    – javaman
    Commented Apr 14, 2019 at 18:31

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