I'm trying to add a Context Menu item for a Chrome Extension that is available after the user selects text. Right now, the Context Menu option appears when I right click, but when I click it, nothing gets executed. I'm confused since I've added an onClicked event listener and specified a callback function to run.

I've added some console.log statements, though nothing seems to be logging in response to selecting the new Context Menu item.

function postToCRM(clickData){
    console.log(clickData.selectionText); // print selectionText
    // other stuff I'm trying to run

// Create Context Menu item
    "id": "exportToCRM",
    "title": "Export text to CRM",
    "contexts": ["selection"]

// Add event listener

Can someone help me ID why the console.log never gets run? Or should it be working, and something else may be wrong?

  • Wow that ended up being the fix -- thanks so much! For some reason it was defaulted to hidden when I tried. I'm new to web dev, appreciate the help :-) – Eric Pan Apr 15 at 4:43