I'm try to use local authentication, but get error message "Invalid Login".

  1. I send 'local' auth from client. Received data on server
{ strategy: 'local',
      email: 'email@gmail.com',
      password: '123' },
    { query: {},
      provider: 'socketio',
      headers: {},
      session: {},
      cookies: {} }

In authentication.js

module.exports = function (app) {
  const config = app.get('authentication');

  // Set up authentication with the secret

    name: 'auth0',
    Strategy: Auth0Strategy
  }, config.auth0)));

    before: {
      create: [
      remove: [
  1. Server find record in database and return query result
{ id: 1,
         email: 'email@gmail.com',
         auth0Id: null,
         isVerified: null,
         verifyToken: 'string',
         verifyExpires: null,
         resetToken: 'string',
         resetExpires: null,
         createdAt: 2019-04-14T22:04:52.000Z,
         updatedAt: 2019-04-14T22:04:52.000Z }
  1. After that it try to compare hahs of passwords, but hash of received password not equals to password in query result. Received password combine with current time in result hash.

How to use local auth in feathers?


configuraions from default.json

"authentication": {
    "secret": "my secret key here",
    "strategies": [
    "path": "/authentication",
    "service": "users",
    "jwt": {
      "header": {
        "typ": "access"
      "audience": "https://yourdomain.com",
      "subject": "anonymous",
      "issuer": "feathers",
      "algorithm": "HS256",
      "expiresIn": "1d"
    "local": {
      "entity": "user",
      "usernameField": "email",
      "passwordField": "password"
    "auth0": {
      "clientID": "your auth0 client id",
      "clientSecret": "your auth0 client secret",
      "successRedirect": "/",
      "domain": "mydomain.auth0.com",
      "scopes": [
  • Just or the sake of curiosity, why are you sending the authentication strategy as local if you are trying to authenticate using OAuth? – Ed de Almeida Apr 15 at 9:03
  • I think, if I use app.configure(local()); I add a local auth method. – Alexandr Lukovnikov Apr 15 at 9:28
  • If local not added, I get BadRequest: Authentication strategy 'local' is not registered – Alexandr Lukovnikov Apr 15 at 9:45
  • ave you tried the OAuth strategy? – Ed de Almeida Apr 15 at 9:57
  • 1
    When you say "Received password combine with current time in result hash", does that mean you are using a hook to change the way the password is hashed? The local strategy uses bcrypt to hash and compare the provided password. If you are changing the way the password is hashed, that's the reason you are getting the error. – ccummings Apr 15 at 13:53

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