i write a simple html text inside editor,and set editor a little narrow to make the text line did wrap

<p>Some initial <strong>bold</strong> text</p>

but the index in getLeaf(index) looks is different with getText(index,length)

quill.getText()="Some initial bold text\n"
quill.getText(14,4)="old " //equals quill.getText().substr(14,4)
quill.getLeaf(14)[0].text="bold"  //yes,it is right
quill.getLeaf(13)[0].text="Some initial " // WHY? 
quill.getBounds(14)={bottom: 47.79999923706055, height: 14.39999771118164, left: 24, right: 24, top: 33.400001525878906, width: 0}
quill.getBounds(13)={ bottom: 29.400001525878906, height: 14.400001525878906, left: 84, right: 84, top: 15, width: 0 } 

does quill.getLeaf(13) should be the same as quill.getLeaf(14)?
PS:the index ofquill.getBounds(index) looks is same as quill.getLeaf(index)

check the codepen please


It looks like:

  • getText returns text to the right of index
  • getLeaf returns the blot to the left of index

For example, given this document:

    "insert": "a"
    "insert": "b",
    "attributes": { "bold": true }
    "insert: "c",
    "attributes": { "italic": true }

Then you get the following results:

quill.getLeaf(0) // a (the 0-index is a slightly special case)
quill.getText(0) // "abc"

quill.getLeaf(1) // a
quill.getText(1) // "bc"

quill.getLeaf(2) // b
quill.getText(2) // "c"

quill.getLeaf(3) // c
quill.getText(3) // ""
  • thanks for your help. i will check it out base your explain – Kent Wood Apr 18 at 5:17

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