I am testing an async function that might get deadlocked. I tried to add a fixture to limit the function to only run for 5 seconds before raising a failure, but it hasn't worked so far.


pipenv --python==3.6
pipenv install pytest==4.4.1
pipenv install pytest-asyncio==0.10.0


import asyncio
import pytest

def my_fixture():
  # attempt to start a timer that will stop the test somehow
  yield 'eggs'

async def time_limit():
  await asyncio.sleep(5)
  print('time limit reached')     # this isn't printed
  raise AssertionError

async def test(my_fixture):
  assert my_fixture == 'eggs'
  await asyncio.sleep(10)
  print('this should not print')  # this is printed
  assert 0


Edit: Mikhail's solution works fine. I can't find a way to incorporate it into a fixture, though.

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    You can't await the test in a fixture with pytest-asyncio. Mikhail's answer is the only solution, I'm afraid. Good question though. – hoefling Apr 17 at 20:48

Convenient way to limit function (or block of code) with timeout is to use async-timeout module. You can use it inside your test function or, for example, create a decorator. Unlike with fixture it'll allow to specify concrete time for each test:

import asyncio
import pytest
from async_timeout import timeout

def with_timeout(t):
    def wrapper(corofunc):
        async def run(*args, **kwargs):
            with timeout(t):
                return await corofunc(*args, **kwargs)
        return run       
    return wrapper

async def test_sleep_1():
    await asyncio.sleep(1)
    assert 1 == 1

async def test_sleep_3():
    await asyncio.sleep(3)
    assert 1 == 1

It's not hard to create decorator for concrete time (with_timeout_5 = partial(with_timeout, 5)).

I don't know how to create texture (if you really need fixture), but code above can provide starting point. Also not sure if there's a common way to achieve goal better.

  • This works, but it isn't a fixture, which fits into the pytest system better and can be applied to every test function in a package automatically. I think I'll use this approach in my code for now. I'll wait a couple day before I mark this as accepted. – ShioT Apr 16 at 6:38

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