I am currently trying to, inside my function, generate a list. The user will pass in one parameter, which will be an Int. The function's job is to generate a list, starting from 1, and going up to n. So the list would look something like


What I have done thus far is this:

iterate (+1) 1

While this provides the correct pattern, it goes on forever. How would I be able to stop at n? In addition, how would I be able to append '1' at the end of the list, as such:

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    What's wrong with [1..n]? It's a perfectly valid expression which you can output from a function (for example). As for putting a 1 at the end, that's just [1..n] ++ [1] – Robin Zigmond Apr 15 at 8:40
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    You could also take n (iterate (+1) 1) to get a finite sublist. – Robin Zigmond Apr 15 at 8:41

It's literally as simple as:

f :: Int -> [Int]
f n = [1..n] ++ [1]

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