I have a table:

  • UserID
  • Postcode
  • Hours at postcode

I need to be able to find the one that the user spent most time at. I've tried a max function, then I thought about ordering by hours Desc and taking the top one, but I am not getting anywhere,

Can anyone help?

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This will output two records if user spent equal max hours on two poscodes:

    dense_rank() over(partition by userId order by hours desc) rn
 from (select --skip this subquery if hours already aggregated by user, postcode
             UserID, Postcode, sum(Hours) hours
         from table group by UserID, Postcode
      ) s
where rn = 1;

Use row_number() over(partition by userId order by hours desc) rn instead of dense_rank() if you need single record per user.

  • Hey thanks for this, it very almost works - but I still get multiple results for some users (up to 23 postcodes) which is very strange! – kikee1222 Apr 18 at 8:30
  • @kikee1222 Use row_number() instead of dense_rank() if you need one record per user_id. dense_rank will mark as 1 all max hour postcodes per user_id if hours are equal, row_number will pick only one record. I mentioned the same in the answer. – leftjoin Apr 18 at 8:38

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