I have a trained model (that is not mine) on which I can make inferences with Theano backend. I need to run it on Android, so I try to convert this model to Tensorflow lite (.tflite).

Before converting it to .tflite, I try to make the model work with tensorflow backend but I can't do it properly. (python with keras)

What works

This is what I do with the theano model, theano backend, channels-last ordering, it works fine :

with open('Model/definition.json', 'r') as f:
    model = model_from_json(f.read())
p = model.predict_proba(preprocessed_data)

the model has only two outputs (detected or not detected) and it works fine.

What does not work

When I just switch backend to tensorflow and run the same code, the model does not detect anything anymore.

What I have tried already

I first thought it was a dim ordering problem as I saw on this pages for example : Converting Theano-based Keras model definition to TensorFlow.

  • A theano model should use channels-first dimensions.
  • A tensorflow model should use channels-last dimensions.

There is also the script from this thread that I tried : https://github.com/keras-team/keras/issues/5374

It does not work for me because I think that my weights are already channels-last ordering ! (This is what I supposed from netron, see picture on Imgur

Last thing I tried was convert_all_kernels_in_model(), but I got this error :

tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.FailedPreconditionError: Attempting to use uninitialized value conv2d_1/kernel [[{{node _retval_conv2d_1/kernel_0_0}}]]


What do you think guy I need to do on my model to make it run with tensorflow backend (in order to convert it to tflite...) ???

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  • I think this link will help you to convert your theano model. It will also convert your weights according to tensorflow requirement. – kruxx Apr 15 at 12:29
  • thanks @kruxx , the problem with this solution in that link is that my nodes mostly are "Conv2D" (as shown here i.imgur.com/eTqOitU.png ). So in the for loop for layer in model.layers: if layer.__class__.__name__ in ['Convolution1D', 'Convolution2D': [...] it does not convert the nodes. I tried adding a if condition for 'Conv2D' but I get the error : 'Conv2D' object has no attribute 'W'. Is this a old version of Keras that used Conv2D ? – Louis Lerbourg Apr 15 at 18:43
  • Maybe I'm not doing it wright ? They often say that I have to load the weights on a tensorflow model... Do I have to create a new tensorflow model instead of loading the configuration.json fil (made with theano) ? If yes, how do I know the parameters ? – Louis Lerbourg Apr 15 at 19:10

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