It's printing an array in console but when I use .map or .length, it prints undefined or gives error that .map is not a function.

The code is inside the render method:

let { faqs } = this.props;
   console.log(faqs); // prints array 
   console.log(this.props.faqs.length) // prints undefined
   let questionList = faqs.length > 0 ? faqs.map((faq) => {
       return <div key={faq._id}>
          <p className='mb-0'>Question: {faq.question}</p>
          <p className='mb-0'>Answer: {faq.answer}</p>
   }) : <div> no questions found.</div>

This is the console output:

{faqs: Array(0)}
{faqs: Array(5)}
faqs: Array(5)
0: {_id: "5cb44201cdd6fe2749c7ced5", question: "question.1", answer: "this.is.an.answer", __v: 0}
1: {_id: "5cb44255cdd6fe2749c7ced6", question: "sadsfghjkl;", answer: "dsfghjkl;'↵", __v: 0}
2: {_id: "5cb451dbcdd6fe2749c7ced7", question: "dscsfghjk", answer: "sdfghjkl", __v: 0}
3: {_id: "5cb4553ccdd6fe2749c7ced8", question: "weeweqw", answer: "dsadasdsad", __v: 0}
4: {_id: "5cb457b2cdd6fe2749c7ced9", question: "q.5.", answer: "answer.undefined", __v: 0}
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    Instead of logging out this.props.faqs.length what does logging out faqs.length show? – rrd Apr 15 at 10:44
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    don't you have something like { faqs: { faqs: [] } }? :) – Icepickle Apr 15 at 10:46
  • As an addition to my previous comment, could you update your question with how the props are transferred to your component? Do you have an overview of the actions / reducers and some small sample data of any of the http calls you are making? I really do believe you either have wrong connects, or update the state incorrectly in your reducers – Icepickle Apr 15 at 10:56
  • thanks @Icepickle, yes i have one more nested faqs like faqs.faqs – gskumawat Apr 15 at 12:51

According to your logs, it looks like faqs is an object containing an array named faqs. Maybe this is a mistake and you want to pass an array directly instead of an object containing an array.

<MyComp faqs={[...]} />

If so, const { faqs } = this.props would give you the array and your code would work.

However, if you pass the data as <MyComp faqs={{ faqs: [...] }} />, then you can access the inner array via a desctructuring assignment like this:

const { faqs: { faqs } } = this.props;

This will fix the errors you are having with .length returning undefined and .map is not a function.

Then you would continue like this, first checking if faqs is truthy before calling .length or .map:

const questionList = faqs && faqs.length ? faqs.map(faq => { ...

Note that you can also assign default values in the destructuring assignment so the array is always properly defined and truthy, which avoids polluting the code with && checks everywhere:

const { faqs: { faqs = [] } = {} } = this.props;

Then you can directly access .length and .map:

const questionList = faqs.length ? faqs.map(faq => {
  return <div key={faq._id}>
    <p className='mb-0'>Question: {faq.question}</p>
    <p className='mb-0'>Answer: {faq.answer}</p>
}) : <div> no questions found.</div>
  • why would you initialize array and object in props destructuralization? – Lukáš Gibo Vaic Apr 15 at 10:53
  • Wouldn't you consider that you are fighting the symptom, but not the cause? OP should probably investigate why he has the object that he has, while expecting a different one – Icepickle Apr 15 at 10:54
  • @Lukáš Gibo Vaic, to handle the case when faqs is not defined, either on props, or the array property – jo_va Apr 15 at 10:54
  • thats why he has the faqs.length condition, dont think this is good practice, now you dont know if you recieved empty object, or you made it – Lukáš Gibo Vaic Apr 15 at 10:55
  • @Lukáš Gibo Vaic, I don't see your point, if the array is empty, either because no object was passed or an object with an empty array was passed, there won't be any questions to print, so the logic still works – jo_va Apr 15 at 10:58

In your case initially there is no values for faqs. .map & .length only works on array. Thats why it returns undefined

so you have to do an if condition on faqs



faqs && faqs.map(item => return {
} )
  • if he would run length on undefined it would be syntax error, undefined is returned because he is trying to use length on object, which would translate to, get "undefined" key from object and that returns undefined – Lukáš Gibo Vaic Apr 15 at 10:52
  • You could always try Array.isArray( faqs ) instead, but it seems the OP has an array somewhere, he just has the wrong data – Icepickle Apr 15 at 10:57

by the console logs, it seems like prop faqs is an object with key faqs which is the array, so in your code do faqs.faqs.length or map

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    The property is named faqs, not fags, also this code will fail if faqs is not passed as a prop, or if it does not contain an array named faqs – jo_va Apr 15 at 11:00
  • sorry typo, fixed, thanks – Lukáš Gibo Vaic Apr 15 at 11:02
  • this really only helps identify the outcome, not what might have caused it, so it's not really useful as an answer... – Icepickle Apr 15 at 12:58
  • @Icepickle this helps him to run his code, yes he might have an error in his model, but we might aswel be solving extra renders if you take this approach (one problem at the time my friend :-)) – Lukáš Gibo Vaic Apr 15 at 13:28
  • well, you might be right, just jo_va's answer really tries to get down in the root cause, which looks to be a more in depth answer. What happens in your case when faqs only gets filled async (so a render does occur before faqs might be filled) :) – Icepickle Apr 15 at 13:37

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