I am trying to write mysql subquery sql in knex but the results of query are undesired.

This is my MySQL query:

    select *
    from istifta
    where istifta_id not in (
    select istifta_id
    from status
    where status = 'divided'

This is my query converted to Knex:

    subquery = await ctx.knex
      .where('status', 'divided')

    result = await ctx.knex
    .where('istifta_id', 'not in', subquery)

MySQL query is returning two rows all of which doesn't have status = 'divided' While Knex is returning three rows with a row having status = 'divided'

  • There is no need to add await for the subquery. And I guess it won't even work that way. While awaiting you are waiting for the promise to be resolved and get an array of objects and executing 2 queries this way. While not awaiting you have a knex builder for a subquery instead of result and thus 1 query executed with a subquery instead of 2 separate queries. Hope this helped. – coockoo Apr 18 at 6:13

You can use .whereNotIn together with the function() definition option to nest your subquery. Your subquery is inside of the function() as:

 select('istifta_id').from('status').where('status', 'divided')

and the .on functions just make debugging a bit easier.

result = await ctx.knex.from('istifta')
    .whereNotIn( 'istifta_id', function() {
        this.select('istifta_id').from('status').where('status', 'divided')
    .on('query', function(data) { 
        console.log("TEST001 data:", data); })
    .on('query-error', function(ex, obj) {
        console.error("TEST002 KNEX query-error ex:", ex, "obj:", obj);
  • Thanks. One question just.. Do you see anything wrong with my posted code in question? If not then why its not working. I used the way that is often mentioned in KnexJS documentation. – Yousuf Iqbal Hashim Apr 16 at 10:17
  • I do not see anything wrong with the query in your Question. – GaryL Apr 16 at 21:53

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