I've been trying to implement the preview version of Microsoft's BotFramework for NodeJS SDK v4 on Teams as mentioned here. I've set up the messaging endpoint in the Azure portal and I'm able to receive the message events just fine.

I've tried out other bots in the Teams Store such as Hipmunk and they seem to be able to proactively message the users as soon as they get added on to the work space.

I've been through the documentation already and I know that I would need to work upon a ConversationUpdate event that fires in the event of a bot user being added to a team, but unfortunately I haven't received any such events. I've wired it up to be able to receive it because the handlers do work when I test the bot in web chat on the Azure portal. Is this some sort of bug in the Teams client itself or is there any alternative documentation that I've been missing. Please let me know if any code samples or further links are required to aid you in helping me as this is a pretty critical integration for me and my company.

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