I tried to extract some information from the HTML page and it's working perfectly fine. But the data is not sorted into the excel file correctly.

After extracting : enter image description here

The cells A1 and A2 and A3 should be in one cell and the cells A5, A6 and A7 into another cells as well. How can I do this please? This is how my whole code looks like:

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const $ = require('cheerio');

var bodycounter= 0;   

const url = 'https:mypage.com';
let _browser;
var result;
// Require library
var excel = require('excel4node');

// Create a new instance of a Workbook class
var workbook = new excel.Workbook();

// Add Worksheets to the workbook
var worksheet = workbook.addWorksheet('Sheet 1');

// Create a reusable style
var style = workbook.createStyle({
  font: {
    color: '#000000',
    size: 12
  numberFormat: '$#,##0.00; ($#,##0.00); -'

  .then(function(browser) {
      _browser = browser;
      return browser.newPage();
  .then(function(page) {
      return page.goto(url).then(function() {
        return page.content();
  .then(function(html) {
      // headers

      // paragraph
      $('p,li', html).each(function() {
          // putting all the result into the list
          bodycounter = bodycounter +1;

          result = $(this).text();      

     _browser.close() // <-- use it to close the browser

  }).catch(function(err) {

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