I am currently trying to create a bar plot, in which some variables have 2 levels and some just one. As I am using dodged bars this results in the single level bars not being centered (see figure).

Current plot I would like the "single" bars (e.g. B4) to be placed on the center of the variable name (not below). This is the code I have created so far:

t <- ggplot(data=test, aes(x=reorder(name,-auc), y=auc, fill=sensor)) +
  geom_bar(stat="identity", position = position_dodge(width=0.6,preserve, "single"),width = 0.5)

Thanks for your support.

  • You may want to use position_dodge2 instead of position_dodge. (& if that doesn't work, consider making your problem reproducible by including the output of dput(test) in your question). – Z.Lin Apr 16 at 9:58
  • Also, it should be preserve = "single" rather than preserve, "single". – Z.Lin Apr 16 at 9:59

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