I am receiving the following error on uploading the actions.json to gactions using Windows as well as Linux.

ERROR: Failed to update the app for the Assistant
ERROR: The caller does not have permission
2019/04/13 13:56:47 Server did not return HTTP 200

Account used to upload action is same as the one used to create project. I am able to get the verification code and once I paste back in terminal to authenticate it gives the above error.

Can someone please guide what is to be done exactly, I am using the below guide on google https://developers.google.com/assistant/sdk/guides/library/python/extend/custom-actions

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  • You need to take a look at what account and project that gactions is linked to, as one or both do not seem to be correct to upload the action package. – Nick Felker Apr 15 at 13:37

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