I'm developing an Android app where the user is in a ARCore Session and at the same should be able to share the (raw, not augmented) camera video stream in a video call. The used technologies are:

  • Unity 2018.1.6
  • Google ARCore Unity SDK package
  • WebRTC Video Chat Unity package (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/network/webrtc-video-chat-68030)

    The required ARCore functionality and the WebRTC Video chat work great - but only individually. Regarding having both simultaneously I'm aware it cannot work immediately; in fact having built a test app I saw that starting the video call would stop ARCore preview and reverse, dependent on what is started later.
    So my questions are:
  • Is there a way to extract the video stream from ARCore?
  • How do I use this video stream as input for the WebRTC video call?

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