Updated records got missing after awhile in mongodb

I tried to update a document in mongodb using java driver 3.6, st first the records got updated successfully. but after 1 minutes those records value turned to an empty string

A = new A();
            BasicDBObject searchQuery = new BasicDBObject("username", username);
            BasicDBObject updateFields = new BasicDBObject();
            updateFields.append("fullnames", agent.getFullnames());
 BasicDBObject setQuery = new BasicDBObject();
            setQuery.append("$set", updateFields);
            getLiveagentCollection().update(searchQuery, setQuery);

The updated records shoould remain persisted on the DB

  • If you have index in your DB you should check if you have TTL configured in some of them. – Sergi Nadal Apr 15 at 12:24
  • Yes I have index in my DB, So how do I check the TTL configuration – Afeez Olawale Apr 15 at 12:28
  • Do you use MongoDB Compass? If yes, open the collection, go to tab "Indexes" and in the column Properties you will see if one of them has TTL configured. – Sergi Nadal Apr 15 at 12:31
  • Thank you Nadal, the Properties column is empty – Afeez Olawale Apr 15 at 12:38

I was able to resolve this issue, by adding writeconcern within the mongodb.

MongoClient client = new MongoClient("localhost", 27112);

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