I'm facing a little issue, here is what I've done so far and where I am stuck:

I'm trying to use the phone orientation alpha, beta, gamma (the 3 axes) + the cordinnate of the phone (lat,lng) to determine the vector of the observer (where the phone is look at).

I've been able to get the alpha, beta, gamma from this:


and the long, lattitude of the observer from GPS.

I need to find the vector 3D vector which is define where the observer is looking. (don't know if it's clear if not I'll do my best to explain it again).

The goal is an app which looks at the stars, the best would be to get az,alt but in order to get that I need to know the altitude of the star which is not defined at this time so an "imaginary" position on the "vector" would help me a lot !

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