In my prestashop I am facing a strange issue. Prestashop creates temporary tables which are placed in /tmp as this is configured in my.cnf which is OK, but the issue why they are being generated and what can cause. Example of a file: mysql:mysql /tmp/#sql_c2d_3.MAD

My server is with centos 7, mariadb 10.3, php 7.1. If anything else is needed, I will be happy to share it.

My server is with centos 7, mariadb 10.3, php 7.1 and I checked https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/mysqld-fills-tmp-with-file-tmpsql_26be_0mad/ which says: When you run certain ALTER or CREATE commands on an InnoDB table, a temporary table is created in mysql's tmpdir during the operation.The default value in my.cnf is /tmp

I am not sure after that if the issue is caused by the server or by prestashop. I checked if a module can cause this, but I was not able to find anything wrong.

  • Let me tell you that I worked with PS since 1.4, I have used shared, vps, dedicated, now cloud hosting and I never had that problem, I think the cause is a configuration in your server or modification in PS, to discard PS just create a fresh install and if problem persist is clear the cause is the server, hope this help! – Rolige Apr 15 at 14:51
  • Perhaps you are doing a complex SELECT? – Rick James May 14 at 3:26

When you run some ALTER/CREATE commands on an InnoDB table, a temporary table is created in MySQL's temporary folder during the operation (Indeed, the default value in my.cnf is /tmp).

To my knowledge, in PrestaShop 1.7.x, Temporary MySQL tables (e.g. using the keyword CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE) are only used on the Specials page (listing currently discounted products).

In this file, product reductions are calculated on the fly via a method called getRandomSpecial() from the Product class (file /classes/Product.php).

I hope this helps, if not, it would suggest scanning your /modules/ directory for the keyword TEMPORARY TABLE in PHP files.

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    Thank you! I found that one of the modules are doing CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE! This should be enough to resolve the issue. – Rob Dillstorm Apr 16 at 5:40

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