I have actually a situation were i run into the BIGINT Problem and the haziness with that in jq 1.5/1.6 (in a Windows enviroment). I read the issue reports and thought that if i transform the number to a string, i can handle that. But i test it with a specific command and the result is the same

[. | { last_update: .starbase_detailed_scan.last_update_time, user_name: .starbase_detailed_scan.owner_name, alliance_id: .starbase_detailed_scan.owner_alliance_id | tostring, drydocks: .starbase_detailed_scan.num_drydocks, tier: .starbase_detailed_scan.owner_level, defence_plattform: .starbase_detailed_scan.num_defence_platforms, shield_triggered: .starbase_detailed_scan.player_shield.triggered_on, shield_end: .starbase_detailed_scan.player_shield.expiry_time, parsteel: .starbase_detailed_scan.resources["2325683920"], tritanium: .starbase_detailed_scan.resources["743985951"], dilithium: .starbase_detailed_scan.resources["2614028847"], user_id: .starbase_detailed_scan.owner_user_id, defence_rating: .starbase_detailed_scan.defense_rating }]



The Alliance_id is not correct. The correct id is:


Is there any Workaround?

BR Timo


Using tostring is not going to help, because tostring only gets to see the number after the jq parser has read the input.

The jq maintainers are well-aware of this issue and indeed there is a "pull request" which addresses it: https://github.com/stedolan/jq/pull/1752

If you wish to use an officially released version of jq, then the only available "workaround" will be to change the number in the JSON source to a string. You might wish to use the "bigint" library for handling "bigint" strings - https://github.com/joelpurra/jq-bigint

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