In package.json (let's say it's defined in Scripts folder) I have script defined like this:

"scripts": {
   "install:prod": "npm i"

If i run this script from Scripts folder everything is correct, only node_modules is created . But when I run script from parent folder i receive strange output. For example when I'm running:

npm run install:prod --prefix ./WebApp/Scripts

etc folder and many files command from node_modules are put inside Scripts folder

    Mode    Length Name
    d-----         etc
    d-----         node_modules
    d-----         src
    ------     123 .babelrc
    -a----     321 acorn
    -a----     198 acorn.cmd
    -a----     337 ansi-html
    -a----     214 ansi-html.cmd
    -a----     323 atob
    -a----     200 atob.cmd
    -a----     329 browserslist
    -a----     206 browserslist.cmd
    -a----     325 cssesc
    ... and much more

Is it desired behaviour? How can i build node_modules from parent folder without etc and other unnecessary (for me) files, just like running normal npm install

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