I'm working on an object tracking programm. It works most of the time like intendended (picture left side). But sometimes I get weird color glitches like flashing colors (right side). When these glitches occur the problem is also not responding.

Im using a Realsense D415 Camera to obtain the image and depth data. The Image is displayed using the realsense libary (it uses OpenGl to render the Image) on top of that i draw a box around the tracked Object.

On the tracking side I'm using the MOSSE OpenCV tracker. The image und depth data is converted to a cv::Mat and the fed to the tracker.

Any suggestion, where something could go wrong / where I should search for the culprit.

behaviour comparison: img

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    Some error with color: BGR <-> RGB – Nuzhny Apr 15 at 12:39
  • we can not identify any error when we do not see your code however you should debug (use breakpoints, trace/step the code ) ... narrow down when this happens and or why ... it might be anything from a bug in a code, wrong pointer arithmetics, memory/resource leak etc ... sometimnes logging helps (save to file log all the operations your app is doing so you can see what was the last stuff executed before crash) ... – Spektre Apr 16 at 6:23