Client: Windows 10

Selenium-WebDriver: 3.141

Selenium-Standalone-Server: 3.9.1

I'm trying to set a specific Platformname on my RemoteWebDrivers. I've already established 2 Nodes on the hub I want to connect to. But the hub does not seem to match the capabilites.

Nodes connected:

Node-Configuration on the hub

Clearly, the Platformnames of the browsers are WIN10 and WIN8, respectively. That is what I specified in my data for the WebDrivers:


Yet, when I attempt to create any RemoteWebDriver I run into an InvalidOperationException, even though the Driveroption's Platformname match the Platformname of the node:


Where am I mistaken? I'm at wit's end. I've already tried to add a new capability to the DriverOption but to no avail. Moreover, if I use "windows" as Platformname in my XML-file it works just fine since it's using any windows-based platform. Unfortunately, I want to specify a platformname. Is there a list of valid platformname-strings?

Kind regards from your friendly neighbourhood Selenium-beginner,


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