After adding GELF logging according to this how to https://medium.com/@vaidaslungis/setup-graylog-in-laravel-5-6-logging-d2276bcb9cfa the php artisan config:cache command isn't working anymore.

The error message is:

In ConfigCacheCommand.php line 68:

  Your configuration files are not serializable.  

In config.php line 382:

  Call to undefined method Gelf\Publisher::__set_state()  

Is it still possible to cache the config? If so, what needs to be changed?

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    Have you tried this link – Rahul Meshram Apr 15 at 13:06
  • What do you mean by try? It says that Closures aren't working for config caching. From the example, I'm not sure where a Closure is used. Can you spot one? – Daniel Becker Apr 15 at 13:37

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