Consider the following NADE Model. The dimension of the shared parameters (W and b) are W\epsilon \mathbb{R}^{3\times 3} and b\epsilon \mathbb{R}^{3\times 1}. In addition we have V_{k}\epsilon \mathbb{R}^{3\times 1}and c_{k}\epsilon \mathbb{R}^{1}.

Given W=\begin{bmatrix}0.1 & 0.25 & 0.2\0.2 & 0.4 & 0.3\0.5 & 0.5 & 0.6\end{bmatrix}, b= \begin{bmatrix}0.1\0.05\ 0.3\end{bmatrix},V1=\begin{bmatrix}0.3\ 0.7\ 0.5\end{bmatrix},h1=\begin{bmatrix}0.2\ 0.8\ 0.7\end{bmatrix},c_{1}=-0.02. What will be the value of p\left ( x_{1}=1 \right ).

Further given values V_{2}=\begin{bmatrix}0.3\ 0.7\ 0.5\end{bmatrix} and c_{2}=-0.5 what will be the value of p\left ( x_{2}=1 \right| x_{1}). I have gone through the theory of NADE but could not relate that to calculate the probabilities from these matrices. Please help me to solve this question. enter image description here

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