I hate to use ng-deep but there is no better alternative for this.

I am using VMware Clarity https://v1.clarity.design/modals in my project and for some cases, I need to overwrite modal-body class. So, I am overwriting it using this in my component.scss file:

::ng-deep .modal-body {
  overflow-y: visible;
  overflow-x: visible;

This serves my purpose. But the problem starts for other modals. After opening above modal, if I open any other modal, above styling affects those too. I want above styling only for one modal. So how I can do that.

I was wondering if there is an option to reset above style when the component gets destroyed or What Angular Suggests.

  • Any way to distinctly access just the VMware modal which you need to change? if not, add a customClass to all your modals and then use CSS's :not selector – Akber Iqbal Apr 15 at 13:12
  • adding a custom class doesn't work. I am using component for modal – undefined Apr 15 at 13:33
  • @vmware-clarity team any suggestion? – undefined Apr 15 at 13:40

You can just write your selector to be more specific so it targets only the desired modal.

<clr-modal class="overflow-modal">...</clr-modal>
::ng-deep .overflow-modal .modal-body {
  overflow-y: visible;
  overflow-x: visible;
  • Thanks, Jeremy... this worked. – undefined Apr 17 at 12:08

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