So there are various solutions for getting the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) information from Group Policy Objects which are applied, but they don't take local policies into account (for settings that are not set by any GPO)...

Some settings result in a registry key being set, so using the mapping we can tell for these ones. Other settings however don't set a reg key.

Does anyone have a solution to get a merged view of what the actual effective value for each GP setting is currently, which can be scripted so we can automate the process... As far as I can tell there isn't a simple way (i.e. without building conditionals for each setting and where to get the value), but it seems like there really should be a native mechanism provided by Microsoft somewhere.

Note I tried running gpresult and using /h or /x to dump the report, then parsing that... The HTML one has the policy path and name, which is okay but it feels dirty parsing the html. The XML was easier to parse, but has shortened keys for the policy names and values which is not as ideal for my use case (unless anyone knows if there is an easy to consume mapping somewhere?). Both methods don't seem to show policies that are not set, and therefore their default values - ideally there is a way to see the actual effective value for any policy, regardless of how it is set?

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