Short story:

I wish to add a custom value to each http response with express using a middleware. I don't want it to be in my body. How to do it?

Long story:

The specific value is a string named apiVersion.

I wrote this middleware:

function apiVersionMiddleware(req, res, next) {
  res.apiVersion = "1.1";

I see the apiVersion field populated in my response object in my backend. However, I don't see it in my http response.

After reading some express documentation, I found: https://expressjs.com/en/api.html#res.append. But is it a good practice to add a custom response in http headers? Should it be here or in another variable?


Realized that my question was more about the use of http headers.

Found this in the documentation response header. On the headers page, you can find this definition for response's headers:

Response header: Headers with additional information about the response, like its location or about the server itself (name and version etc.).

So it perfectly fits my use case.

That led me to this solution in express documentation: https://expressjs.com/en/api.html#res.set

function apiVersionMiddleware(req, res, next) {
  res.set("api-version", "1.1");

I also had to add my custom header to my exposedHeaders in cors:

    exposedHeaders: ["api-version"]

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