I extracted date from here:

numb=echo HNR.L04.C07.ldd.T2018050.BG.nc.nc |grep -o '[0-9]\+' | tail -n 1


These data are provided as yearweek on 7 days composite so for each year we have 2018001 to 2018052. is there a way in linux to convert this number to its corresponding day and month in the year?

so in my case

numb(yearweek)   would be       date
2018001          20180108
2018002          20180115
2018003          20180122

I need to convert the answer after grep.

  • You should try man date. Specifically date -j -f fmt newdate +fmt allows to change the format of a date string. Depending on your distribution you may find the correct format for decoding a week number... – Serge Ballesta Apr 15 at 14:10

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