1. Load at least a million rows into temporary tables.
  2. Create views from target table. Each view is associated with one table. For example view A, B, C is created from table A, B, C respectively.
  3. Create view A1, B1 and C1 from table A, B, C respectively . 4.Transform data from work tables to view A.(that data will be available in table A)
  4. Now transform data to view B which is dependent on view A1,view C which is dependent on view B1.

I am using psql to run these in order. I am ensuring 90 sec Delay between each sql.

For example: step 5 load of view B and view C have 90 delay

Everything works well if I run one by one.


When I run this in batch one connection, process gets hung at one or other transform data. How do I solve this issue?

I did query view A1 after step 4. I noticed query times out. If I run small chunks of data, I have no issues.

What am I missing. Is huge data causing table to load data?

  • This is unclear. Can you show SQL statements that describe what you mean? – Laurenz Albe Apr 15 at 13:19

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