I am plotting a logistic regression of fish age and length in maturity. I am using the example from fishR by Derek Ogle. (http://derekogle.com/fishR/examples/oldFishRVignettes/Maturity.pdf)

There are two regressions in the plot. One for regulated lakes and another for unregulated lakes.

I manage to create the regression curves, but I want to have a line for each curve in which age or length 50% of the fish are mature.

I manage to create the other line for unregulated lakes but for some reason, I don't get the line for another regression. The line is created with that L50 object, but I don't know which coefficients I should include getting the line for regulated lakes.

glm7 <- glm(fMaturity~Age*fReg,data=troutm,family=binomial)


cf5 <- coef(glm7)

x <- seq(1,13,1)
tunreg1 <- exp(cf5[1]+cf5[2]*x)/(1+exp(cf5[1]+cf5[2]*x))
treg1 <- exp(cf5[1]+cf5[3]+(cf5[2]+cf5[4])*x)/(1+exp(cf5[1]+cf5[3]+(cf5[2]+cf5[4])*x))

lrPerc <- function(cf5,p) (log(p/(1-p))-cf5[1])/cf5[2]

L50 <- lrPerc(coef(glm7),0.5)

plot(tunreg1~x,type="l",lwd=2,xlab="Age",ylab="Proportion Mature", ylim=c(0,1), xlim=c(0,20))
title(main = "Trout age vs. maturity")
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